Break the Myth

This Sunday we march again....

For all our children. For mine, yours and those who will come.

I'll be on a radio station tomorrow doing some promo...and finishing some sales of the t-shirts of the event.

I will also be performing with True during the event.

It will be lots of work, but I know it will pay off.

When a child was diagnosed with Autism, there was usually no hope.

It was a very sad prognosis, without any expectations of a normal life, for neither the child or the family.

Today our reality is different. Although children are all different, many can be treated. Autism is Treatable.

There is a diverse amount of treatments from basic speech therapies to the most new avant-gard Dolphin Therapy....and biomedical treatments...

I've met some children who's initial Autistic Diagnosis has been removed because they no longer have the characteristics to meet this diagnosis.

Miss C is on the same track. She is, as her teachers would put it: "a very brilliant child, well ahead of her regular peers, a true leader that moves the masses!!".

Way to go Kid.
Not so shabby if I say so myself.

There is hope. There is a light. There is a way.

March with me.

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