Bless thy enemies

try very hard to bless thy enemies...especially in scenarios like this....

Here I am minding my business, for once I decide to get out of my car and order lunch.

I have gasoline issues.

Gasoline issues such as I don't have much gasoline.

So I'm walking towards the door and a beat up ol' car with two guys and girl pulls up and parks right in front of my lunch joint.

One of they guys bolts out of the car and just as I am about to grab the handle of the door and go in, he leaps in front of me and opens the door.

I think, "My what a noble gesture to open my door".

Thing is...he opens the door and waltzes right in and the door almost slams my face in.

He goes right up into the line to order.

Oh no he didn't.

He orders, while looking back, because his buddies weren't out of the car yet.

The lady takes his order, is about to take mine, when buddies walk in, and buddy number one, who already had made his order calls out:

"Hey you guys want me to order for ya!?" and motions then to join him in the line.

I shot them my best "youfeelluckypunk?" look and they desisted, staying in place at the end of the line.

I had started to wish their combo #3 would cause the runs, when God shot me down with one of his best "youfeellukcypunk" glares...

I quickly retracted and blessed them.

don't ask any questions.
It's the Holiday season I tell ya'.

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