PS Thanks...

I almost forgot to give thanks for something else...

We caught Mickey.

This morning as I was doing my makeup and Miss C was watching me, I mumbled to myself:

"I gotta get more traps, this mouse is chewing up the rubber on my screen door's bottom".

I don't think I had finished the sentence when:


Miss C jumped up, scrambled to the bed, covered her ears..."What is that?"

I went to the kitchen...Mickey landed in the glue trap I had placed near the stove counter, he got stuck and was face down on the floor stuck to the trap...

I called mice expert, Vietnam.

"Place it in a bag, close it tightly, it will suffocate on it's own. Unless you wana hit it with something to kill it sooner".

I'll pass.

I'm not afraid of mice, roaches, crap like that.

But the idea of picking up a glue thingy with a live creature still attatched was disgusting.

I squirmed as I placed it in the bag.
I asked Miss C if she wanted to see it.
She passed.

I placed the bag where Vietnam ordered me to and I was off.

Mickey was caught and now the Kid and I could sleep in peace.

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