T minus 2 days for T day

try saying that, ten times fast...

The Holidays are back.

I've done all my X mas shopping. Everything is done.

I put up my tree yesterday.

I just have to get around stringing up the lights and putting on the decor.

Tomorrow we have our church's Thanksgiving Day celebration.

I'm supposed to talk about what I'm thankful for.

Geez, talk about pressure.

Well, I'm thankful for good friends, not tons of em', but good ones,

For shoes, for a website where I can buy kickarse shoes and not drain my wallet.

For a good guy, who drives me up a wall sometimes, but who else will put up with my

For a job, unstable one at times, not my dream job, but it pays the bills,

For a home, where everything inside it, was paid outta my pocket. cool huh?

For the family. Vader and Vietnam are still difficult folks to deal with, but
we are managing.

For family Wednesday's at Vader's, where Bro, sister in law, True and I play boardgames and stuff our faces,

For the Kid, aka Miss C, who has come such a long long way, who is my joy, my pride, the smallest person in the world who can get me laughing, who has humbled me and made me a better person and sometimes also manages to make me wanna smack her right in the mouth, like this morning when she told me in front of the cash register lady in the supermarket:

"Momma, shut up, you talk to much".

For the tears and the hard moments, I suck at them, but I've survived them, so that must mean something, right?

For God's blessings. In a time where there are so many tragedies, poverty and lack of love, He has blessed my home with love, health and wealth. He had not forgotten my address, like I so bluntly used to say, he was waiting on the front steps for me to unlock the door.

I'm going to Vader's on Thursday...another year where I cannot develop my culinary skills, because God forbid I try and take the spotlight away from her and make the turkey.

We are all gonna be there, True, his parents, bro, the girlfriend, the kid, Vader and I....

can't think of a better reason to say thanks!

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