I don't know if it's me...but I can't figure out how a simple hamburger has managed to ruin my entire afternoon, provoking my inner most feelings of 'go-play-with-a-gun-for-a-little-while' kid.

But I do know this, I need someone who is bold.

Bold just like me.

Who is able and capable of taking matters into their hands when the time comes.

Who can openly and freely speak their mind and for once not be scared to do so.

Who can make decisions without feeling the need to be apologetic.

Who can go take my hamburger back and ask for it with no-mayo, without being embarrassed.

Then again, maybe it's just me.

But I can't handle the babyish demeanor of this whole situation.

The funny thing is that a while back I was the target of an argument that went along the lines of : "you-never-let-me-be-the-man".

But when I finally do, people can't step up.

I told the lady I wanted a new burger and came back alive. No one spit in my food (I was watching) and no one stared at me in ugly ways.

But I lost my afternoon.
It was wasted on anger.

And silence.
That cruel horrible silence.

"thank you for a wonderful lunch" was all I could muster.

I am bold.

No apologies.

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