It's that time of year folks. The time where we all make ridiculous resolutions to end up not keeping them.

No resolutions for me. Especially none involving food, diets and less chocolate.

2008 was a rocky year for me.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Adjusting to a new relationship, breaking up a few times, putting wedding plans on hold, trying not to poison significant other, letting go of being in charge.
  • Being a family. Wednesday's at Vader's are my favorites. Nothing like Pictionary with a few good losers.
  • Finding my niche in church. Building my relationship with God. I am now fully aware of what's wrong or right. So when I say "f*ck", I know it's really wrong.
  • Savoring the Kid's aka Miss C's victory's. Yesterday True scolded her for running and told me, so I told her again, "do not run"....her answer : "Aww man...True told you!!". A year ago she would have had no clue of that, or Santa, or birthdays or any other thing.
  • Surviving the Hell of Parenting. Yes, there is a downside. Sometimes I'd wish she'd just fall asleep for two weeks so I can hear myself think. Parenting sucks sometimes, hardcore.
  • Loving the Deathvan, even though it has failed me several times. I've learned to love it, wash it and make it happy.
  • Being happy. It's hard. I'm allergic to happiness. Severely, like break-into-hives-hyperventilate-allergic. But I'm trying. Yesterday I smiled, of course it was because True mispronounced something. But that's gotta be worth something...right??
What do I want in 2008:

  • More victory's for the Kid. Big ones...like a landing role in a movie that would win her an Oscar nod and make us millionaires. ........hey a gal can dream, can't she?
  • A refrigerator. Nice one. Brand new one. That won't leak.
  • A new TV for the family. Mine has been in my living room broken for a while. I've been too lazy to take it to get it fixed.
  • Health. Because it sucks to be sick.
  • My parents to come to church with me.
  • My bro to get married and make me an aunt already. What is he waiting for? For me to turn into Bea Arthur?
  • No wedding. I'm not ready. I do want more time with True. More quality time.
  • Our church to experience greater things.
  • New friends
And last but not least.....



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