"Kid, I'm sad cause' you're sleepin' over at your dad's house tonight. I'll be sad and lonely. You sure you wanna leave momma alone?".

Kid walks over, grabs my chin in her hand, twists my frown into a crooked smile.

"Momma, don't worry. Don't be sad. You can play with my toys while I'm gone".


I think I've said it already, but I really dislike the old guy at the Wendy's parking lot who instructs us how to park.

He whistles to signal not to back up any further.

I'll decide whether I wanna ram my car into the wall or not mister.


I need a trim. A trim during the Holidays. I wonder if trimming my own hair is advisable.


I have electricity in my room. In random sockets. I can turn on my A/C, but I can't turn on my lamp.


Christmas is right around the corner. I did all my shopping in November. Vietnam wants me to go get my sister-in-law a present. This defies the purpose of my early Holiday shopping.


I'm not feeling very Christmasy. But I've been sporting a tote bag Vietnam gave me, which is red with a big snowman on the front. Inside are 5 holiday CD's I've been carrying around. I haven't played one yet, cuz I'm feeling kind of Ebeneezer. I figure though, if I get run over by a car, I have my tote bag with me and people will actually think I was a dear ol' thing.

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