Well more like Little, black and white polka dot dress.

That's what I could finally find to wear to my church's X-mas party tonight.

As I was trying on dresses on my lunch break I finally realized why I bought jeans and shirts to wear for Christmas:


All the dresses/skirts this season are balloon type outfits.

Believe me, you do NOT wanna see me in a balloon type outfit.

Never mind the fact that I was trying these outfits on while still in my shoes.

I suck at dressing room etiquette.

I was exhausted. I was lamenting. I had tried on a great dress a few weeks back at The Gap, but didn't wanna plunk down the $70.00 for it. I should have. It was a great dress. Now, at this time, I wouldn't go to The Gap even if my life depended on it.

I ended up buying a semi-nice fitting dress. I tried to find a picture of it online and could find none that would do it justice. Spaghetti straps, empire waist, black with white polka dots and a black short cardigan to go over it.

Pretty decent.

Only thing is, that after all the hassle I might not be going to the party. The kid is sick. She has been complaining of a massive headache all day long. I have a babysitter, but my mommy heart would feel too bad leaving her in the care of someone else. There is nothing like a mommy to take care of ya' when you're sick.

We'll see how she's doing when I get off of work.

As for the rest of the Christmas Hullabaloo, well, I don't know what we'll do. My in laws are Jehova Witnesses and don't celebrate Christmas. I do, but ain't in the mood to party. Vader has a gig at her place on Christmas Eve, so I guess I'll crash over there for a bit.

I still haven't finished my Christmas wrapping. Every time I put the Kid to bed to wrap her presents I fall asleep with her.

Maybe I'll explain that Santa is going green this year.

Speaking of gifts, the Kid, ever so smart, found one of her gifts, hidden under my carseat.

The Rat DVD.

"Wow!! a movie for me!!??"
"Hey! Put that back!" while trying not to steer off road.
"No.." she gigles "...I love this rat movie!"
"Put it isn't for's for another kid, a poor kid who doesn't have DVD's!!"
" can get me one too momma!"

Kids can be so gullible.

She put it back.

But I guess that' s one gift that won't be a shocker.

Santa must be really coy.
Reaaally coy.

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