"Momma, wake up, it's the Holidays! It's Christmas" She whispered in my ear, in English no less.

She woke up around 8pm, very patient, went to the tree and saw her gifts...she opened them with a huge smile. She was delighted.

I even threw some presents near the chimney. She squealed.

She got tons of Pet Shop toys, a V Tech V smile Game Console, new sneakers, "Rabatooie" (Ratatouie), clothes, pj's, the dancing My little pony, Spongebob Operation (which she is terrified of) and lots more.

I got a wonderful, much needed Elizabeth Arden Makeup Kit from True.

No perfume.

Thank God.

I got clothes from my mom and candles from my bro's girlfriend.

We spent the morning at home, had a huge breakfast, pizza for lunch and then headed off to True's house. We spent the afternoon with his parents then headed out to Vader's in the evening.

There Miss C had a blast, bro and girlfriend went overboard with presents for her.
Hasbro should give them a prize for buying them out. I think she officially has all the Littlest Pet Shop collection.

We all exchanged gifts, then sat down for a little Pictionary. We giggled and almost wet our pants with our expert drawing skills. Vader looked on in delight.

Empress showed up bearing gifts for us as well.

She looked at us playing and said: "You guys look like the wholesome all american family".

That was the nicest comment I could have received that night.

Pictionary, good food and an almost normal family.

Now if I could only fast forward New Year's Eve and The Three Kings Day.

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