X Mas Blues

Day 3 of no electricity in my room.

My uncle/electrician checked it out. Seems a pipe broke, water came in through the breaker boxes and kaplat. There you have it.

New re-wiring is needed.

Merry X-mas to me too.

We'll see how long I'll last without electricity in my room without killing anyone,

or doing my makeup without looking like Bozo.

I have tons of house work to do, presents to wrap and last minute gifts.

What I really wanna do?

Lay in bed with hot chocolate and come back out when X-mas is over.

That's Ms. Ebeneezer to you.

add up the fact that Miss C is going through some sort of regression, which involves kicking, screaming, biting and calls from her teachers who are puzzled about her behavior.

That's Ms. Psychotic Ebeneezer to you.

So...bah humbug, go kick a squirrel and have a hot cocoa on my behalf.

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