X mas Tidbits

"Momma, " she sticks her head under our chimney..."Santa comes down through there..He does not come through the doors and windows!!"

"Momma, we have to leave some cookies and milk for Santa.." pause..."No...no milk, just leave him some water".

"Momma, did you know Santa comes on Tuesday, and he is gonna take me to the beach?"

The beach?? Well I guess the old guy would want a vacation after having his slaves..err elves make zillions of Ipods and electronic devices for minimum wage.

We are heading off to Vader's tonight...nothing fancy...just us and good food.

Miss C is anxious to get her gifts...she is happy and excited. It's the first year I've seen her so thrilled....she is soaking everything up....

I'm putting Ebeneezer away for today, for the sake of the Kid. Just for the Kid.

Happy Holidays to all!!

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