Murphy is never far away

Murphy is a swell guy. Those who've been reading for quite some time can remember Murphy from various incidents in my life.

Well he was on vacation and decided to visit me for a few days.

I have no electricity in my room, since Monday night. I had assumed the storm had knocked down the electricity in the whole house, but surprise surprise, I woke up and heard my fridge running...

::cocks eyebrow::

Why is the fridge running if there is no power??

Ha! There is no power in your room only Mary. Oh, and in the laundry where the water heater happens to be.

So no electricity, no A/C and no hot running water.

Not to mention the flooding in my living room do to the extreme raining we've had.

And when I say flooding, I'm talking about a pool in my living room.

A nice little wading pool, in case you feel hot in the evening.

Happiness and Joy people.
Happiness and Joy.

During some portion of the night I managed to scream out of despair. Dramatics have always been my best.

True, unfortunately was on the other end of the line when I did the screaming.

Sorry kiddo. But sometimes it's necessary.
And sometimes Men don't understand.

Sometimes I wish I had a husband who could take care of the electricity, the flooding, the car and the water heater, so I could just sit back and take care of the Kid.

But alas, that is not happening.
frankly, I don't know if I want it to happen.

I just don't think there is any man out there up to the challenge.

Anyone except Ty Pennington and Bob Vila...and Bob the Builder...

If ya fellows are reading...drop a girl a line...will ya?

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