Weekend Recap

I spent the whole weekend carrying Miss C around to her AIT: Berard Method Therapies.
I don't wanna be too quick to judge, but is seems like everytime they are done, they hand over a monster.

Yesterday I just wanted them to change her back to how she was.

Crying. Emotional. Angry. Bossy.

She was all this before.

But this time it's like double the pleasure, double the fun.

We got our hair cuts this weekend.

We actually look swell.

Miss C even thought so.

"Momma how pretty we look!"


Miss C wants to go to the movies.

She wants to see "Chica wa wa, Chica wa wa".


I spent all weekend alone.
I spent my Saturday with the kid in the house putting up curtains, cleaning up the kitchen. Actually enjoying the quiet of my home. Enjoying cleaning the kitchen.

How do I know I'm screwed for life?

I actually squealed when I saw that Tilex Mildew cleaned up my sink so purty.

Yep. I'm a mother.

I took a shower put on my pj's and put the Kid to bed.

I then went to the family room and lay on the bed and watched Sex and the City reruns.

I was alone. in a clean house. with a christmas tree. watching TBS.

and I saw the episode called "The Good Fight", where Aiden moves in with Carrie and she is having a nervous breakdown with all his boxes and crap and invasion of her apartment. She has been single for her whole life and has never lived with someone.

They are arguing because he wants her to clean out her closet to make room for his stuff and then his dog chews up one of her $400 pair of shoes.

She screams. He screams.

They argue.

"Won't you just shut up?" she yells
"Shut up?"
"Yes, shut up.. All you ever do is talk...blah blah blah...all up in my face, how are you, where ya been? who've you seen? Just shut up!!".

Sometimes silence is golden.
I turned of the TV.
Admired my Tree.
And went to snuggle with the Kid.

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