When it rains, it pours.

Wednesday I had to put everything thing on hold because I got a call from Miss C's school that her eye was swelling up.

An infection due to a mosquito bite.

Rushed to the doctor's, left van at the vallet.

Got out of doctor's with a thousand instructions and prescriptions, go to vallet.

Vallet goes to get my car and says, "Ma'am your van is funny".

Funny as in the guy who parked my van yanked off the shift handle. He broke it off, it was hanging, broken.

Police came, we had to file a report, see how the vallet parking's insurance is gonna handle the whole mess.

Ex helped a lot. He swung by the hospital, lent a hand with the van, gave me a ride.

True took me to the pharmacy to get the Rx. And this is where it gets better.

True is in the car with Miss C who is crying. She's tired, sick, her eye is swollen. I understand her.

But, Pablo, the Pharmacist, did not.
Pablo was an Ass.

"Ma'am your card is not valid."
"What do you mean it isn't valid, I was just at the doctor's".
"The laws have changed and you need a new number for this card. The insurance didn't send you one?"
"If I had a new card, would I be giving you this one?".
"Sorry Ma'am".
"Sorry?? Can't you call the insurance? I pay 180 dollars a month for this insurance, can't you call?"
"No, I can't. They are probably not there at this hour".

It was 8pm.

"Ok, how much is the anti-biotic, cash".
"110 dollars. Do you want it?"
"When can I have it?"
"About 11pm".
"11pm????!!! Look Pablo, if I pay for it cash I want it now!".

The people in the line were starting to get upset.
I was getting upset.
I could feel the tears in my eyes. I started to ramble.

I demanded my Rx back and I sat down to call the insurance company.
The guy from the insurance gladly gave me the new number and told me the pharmacy was supposed to call and get it themselves.

I rushed back to Pablo. I threw the scrap of paper with the number at the counter.
He looked at it, like if I had thrown a dead chicken.
"What's that?"
"The number you needed, now get my kid her medicine".
"I can't have it for you until 11:30pm".
"Pablo, my kid is sick. She has a severe infection. If she does not have at least her anti-biotics now, her eye is going to shut and then it will go onto the other eye and it will shut as well. I need her medicine now!!!".

He talked to the pharmacist and got me the antibiotic.
Her eye drops and her lotion weren't ready until yesterday at 3pm. 3pm!! I left the Rx at 8pm the previous day.

I didn't leave until I made sure Walgreens understood that they are monopolizing creeps. That it is very inconsiderate that a child has to wait more than 5 hours for medicine.

Why don't I go to another pharmacy?
Because Miss C's doctor always prescribes some weird medicines that are never available at other places. Believe me, I've tried.

So now I have a kid who looks like Rocky Balboa. A Van that is not functioning and a Father who insists that I take him to Marshall's, even though he knows I have no car.

Happy Holidays.

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