at my door

The strike has made its way up to my neck of the woods.

I was upset for all the other kids who weren't having classes, but thanking God my daughter's teachers were a little bit more conscious and were still giving classes.

Well, the gig is up.

I drove up to school today to see teachers in front of Miss C's school.

Not just any teachers.

Her teachers.

I walked in.

I heard what I knew I was gonna here.

There is no one to take in the kids.

Miss C began to cry. She began to pull on my arm. She didn't understand the commotion, the ruckus.

I took her to my car.
She was visibly upset.

I called my emergency daycare (True's mom/She has a regular daycare but I was already running late and taking her back would have cost me an hour of work).

As I carried her into True's house, her face was disheveled.

Poor Kid did not understand why she was being taken to this house in her school uniform, she didn't understand why we went to school to just stand there.

I stayed a few minutes to comfort her until she eased in.

Now, this is personal. Now this is pissing me off.

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