happy friday to all...

Hello there. I am still alive for all those interested. I've been quite busy with a few little thangs here and there and haven't had much time to chit chat.

I can say that I am still on the Dream/Nightmare frenzy...last night was like my fourth night in a row with crazy dreams...I don't remember exactly but one of them had to do with hard boiled eggs.

Hard Boiled Eggs.

If that means I'm gonna win the lotto, become a millionaire and move to Wisconsin, please holla at a gal.

Amongst other things, I got my hair trimmed yesterday. Might I say it looks very cool, like a Marilyn Monroe type look, minus the blond, the mole, the sexy smoky come hither look, the body....

So maybe it's not very Monroe.

But I like it.

One little detail, I forgot to mention to True I was getting it trimmed.
He almost had a heart attack. What is it with men and long hair?

I'm hair challenged. I don't have the blow dryer gene, or the styling gene or any other hair gene for that matter.

It's a cute little curly bob, I didn't go GI Jane on him.
In the end, after seeing it, he liked it.

But even if he didn't, I don't really care.
It's hair, it'll grow back.

In what women's or men's department are you challenged??

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