Weekend Recap

Soak in the shock...bliss...of an engagement...look at ring with wonder...shock...amazement...bliss...shock....did I mention shock?

Ran a couple of errands.
Did church on Sunday.

Did I mention shock? Did I mention my pastors didn't take the news as well as I thought? and that Vader didn't either?

Shocker people.

Monday was a Holiday, so that meant I busted my butt doing laundry. Took the kid out to dinner...Bro dropped by with V...and her new Wii...

I played with Bro...as usual, he kicked my butt...
I suck at Wii.

I think I have arthritis.
I sucked at billiards, at the posing game and definitely at Fishing.

I didn't suck though on the cow racing...I kicked his butt...but I think I hurt my wrist in the process.

The night was on the verge of ending nicely until Bro announced he, his girlfriend and his dog were going to split.

Miss C went apetsh*t.

"Leaving?! You can't leave..!!? I wanna leave too!!"

It got worse when I told her she was not leaving and that it was way past her bedtime.

Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah!!
Dramatics kicked in.

As bro was leaving she clung onto his leg.

He looked at her..."kid you deserve an Academy Award".

I managed to pry her from his leg and she looked at me with eyes that could kill...

"I don't want you...I want my other family...I want my Grandpa and my uncle...my other family...Not YOUUUUU!!"

"Really???..well since you don't want me, then you'll be completely satisfied with sleeping in your own room tonight and not hogging the bed or sheets of a woman you consider a stranger".

I started to drag her into her room.

She immediately put on the brakes. She may have been hysterical, but she isn't crazy.

She dropped to her knees...clasped her hands together in prayer-mode, gave me her best pussnboots face and cried...

"But I looooooove youuuu!! don't do this to me....I looovvveee youuu....I promise....I loooove you Mom!!"

She went to my room and after about two more threats she shut up, crawled into bed and whispered in my ear...

"Mom will you read me a story?"
"This is the story of a little girl named Miss C who wouldn't go to sleep and made her mom extremely upset by crying and misbehaving...her mom was fed up and said, 'lights out' and turned off the lights and put her to bed. The end".

"Thank you mom, now I won't cry"

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