Things are back to normal on the school front. Miss C's teachers took that day to show their suport for the strike, but are back to working.

Thank sweet lil' baby Jesus.

In other news, we had a meeting today to discuss Miss C's academic future. I was given the nice news that she will indeed be hitting First Grade. But...

Yes, there is always a but.

We still have to work on her behavior. Her behavior has gotten worse after her Auditory Training Therapy. Her language and her imaginations and academic skills have gotten very good, almost above her level. But everything else has gone kaput.

She's obsessive over certain teachers, classmates, she's isolating herself, doesn't wanna eat, doesn't wanna go in the cafeteria, wants to do things her way or the highway, can't sit still, has severe tantrums....and the list goes on, and on, and on.

First Grade, I am told, is much more difficult and competitive than Kinder.

If she has seven notebooks now, 3 of which I've had to replace twice because of all the work, I can't wait for First Grade....


One of the positive things we've reaped after Auditory Training is her drawing skills. She used to never draw, and when she did it was barely legible, just a whole lotta chickenscratch.

Well now...she's a regular Picasso.

She does cats, dogs, deer, girls, boys, with glasses, with hats, shoes, hands, spongebob...

She tells you the stories that go along with the pictures....very impressive!

So, Monday when I picked her up at True's, she had gifts for us. A card she made with her very hands.

She handed mines first.

It said "momma" in the front, but inside there were just a whole bunch of blue waves.

I thought it was the ocean, but she quickly corrected me and stated it was a story and those "waves" (stupid mommy) were actually "words".

When True opened his, he had a major drawing...grass, sun, an animal...

I was jealous.

I get "words" and you get a "Monet"???

He was a proud dude.

"Come here baby...why don't you explain this drawing for me?"

"Sure...This is the sun, and the grass, and this is the skunk and these are the farts. The skunk threw a fart".


A farting skunk.

I was taken a back and tried to correct her, since we don't use the "F" word in our house...we prefer the term "gas"...

but it was impossible.

I had to bury myself in a pillow and enjoy True's deflated face of happiness.

I prefer my "waves" over any skunk.

Any day.

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