Dial "M" for Murder

I have a stalker.
A "ihavenothingbettertodothancallyouazilliontimes

At first I thought it was a mother seeking some help and that she did not want to leave a voice mail. So I called back. No answer. No voicemail.

Then it rang again, no answer.
Then it rang again all throughout the day.

I thought "Ehh..probably bad reception".

I about had the last straw at 10:30pm.

I asked True to call the number from his phone.

A man answered, then tried to disguise his voice.
A smart man who picked up on the fact that I had sent True to call.

Then started to play hang up with True.

"Great, this is just what I wanted to avoid", he huffed.

Thanks a lot sweety.

He hung up.

I could not sleep. I was scared.

I called True, asked him to pray for me.

He prayed all huffy puffy...

"Dear Lord..blah blah blah...bring peace to Mary, let her see your in control...please protect her from the man who is playing a joke on her....please protect her from the man who is attempting against her life".


What in the name of the Lord does that mean??

A serial killer??

"There, now go to bed".

Yeah...like I can really catch a wink now.
Way to go kid.

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