::ring ring::
It was almost 3 in the morning.

"Can you open the gate for me? I forgot my keys".
It was bro. Gotta love your bro.

I opened the gate and headed back to bed.
Half an hour later we had no electricity. It had been raining...I expected as much.

So I lay there in bed, trying to ignore the fact that it was getting hot. I was laying face up when it happened.

The bed started shaking. I mean SHAKING! Up and Down, left and right. I was rolling (it has wheels).
It was an earthquake.

I could literally hear the earth growling.
Those were the longest seconds of my life. Fear came over me. Fear of God. I started praying. I started crying...and as it got more intense the only words I could muster were: "God Please Have Mercy on Us".

I remembered the story of Abraham, when God was going to destroy Sodoma and he asked God that if he found at least one good person would he still destroy Sodoma, and God replied that he would not.

Then it stopped.
I was shaken. I called True. Poor guy probably almost died when he saw my number at 4 in the morning.

The only thing I could say was: "Pray with me".
He had not had the pleasure of feeling the Quake.

We prayed. I cried.

A Quake in the complete dark.

I called my dad because I knew he was up. He asked if I had a lantern to loan him for him to get ready for work. I went downstairs. God moved me to pray for the house. I roamed the living room with the flicker of a candle and prayed for my dad's house.

I went upstairs and knelt to pray and started to cry.
Never have I felt so sad for my Island and for the consequences of its ways.

I tried to go to bed and I started to praise God...
Half an hour later the electricity returned.

I tried to catch a wink but it was almost time to get up.

I have a huge headache, a hangover of some sorts and I would never want to experience this again.

The news says the quake was 5 point something...felt throughtout the whole Island.

Curiously enough Rwanda and the Congo were also hit my severe quakes, killing a few people in the process.

Thank God it was only my bed.

Thank God.

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