Valentine's Part Cuatro

So we're arguing right. We are arguing about the fact that every time a Holiday comes around, he tells me he wishes he could get me something spectacular, but can't. We are arguing because he does not know what to do and all I really want him to do is come over and get this Valentine's day thing over with.

Although deep down inside I wish he'd come with a huge teddy bear and chocolates.

Because I am a hopeless romantic.

"True, you wanna get me something?? Get me a pizza and come over"

I proceed to finish writing on the card I got him and I'm so pissed I only manage to write:

"Thanx for the good times".

Very smooth, eh??

So he arrives, with pizza and chocolates and some votive candle holders with hearts on them.

Nice. But all I wanna do is eat pizza.
He hands over his card. I lay it to the side as I grab a slice, I hand over his.

I'm upset. I'm tired. I'm cranky.

Blame it on Valentine's. Blame it on PMS. Take your pick.

I begin to read his card as I continue munchin' on the pizza.

"God is nice..blah blah..thank you...I love you...blah blah...will you marry me?"

To which I look at him and reply..."Yeah..very funny..."

He's proposed to me a zillion times...but it's all's like a bad inside joke...but as I started to chuckle...I saw his face.

That face.

He wasn't laughing.
And a small box had made it's way onto my table.

A green round box with a pink bow.

My laughter turned into panic, I felt my face flush.
I felt nausea, I felt like I was getting sick.

"What's in the box?"

But somehow I knew that box didn't have earrings.

"You can't be serious...this is a joke right?? tell me it's a joke"

I opened the box. It had a very simple, delicate gold engagement ring.

Then there was silence.
I had gone blank.

He looked at me..."I'm bad with proposals, I wanted to take you out, I know this is not the ring you wanted, but all the ones you showed me were on the internet and I couldn't buy them...but...but... but will you marry me?"

I started laughing nervously and I think in some moment between my laughter I said "Yes".

And continued to eat pizza.

More silence.
True was worried.

We moved to the couch. I made a comment on how sappy and cheesy Valentine's is.

"Even if I proposed to you today? it's still cheesy?"


"Are you happy??? Do you wanna do this?"

"Yes I do",
in a very convincing (insert sarcasm here) voice.

He went on to tell me how happy he was, how much he loved me, how he was dying to propose, but I was making it all so difficult. He went on to call his parents, who were in on the plan, he wanted me to talk to them, but I declined.

Let a girl wallow in her state of shock, thank you.

I wanted to cry. I literally wanted to cry. It wasn't happiness, or sadness, just plain "Jesuschrist there is a ring on my finger!" kind of cry.

I had wanted this for such a long time and now that I had it, I didn't know what to do with it.

I felt like Carrie Bradshaw when Aiden proposed. She wanted it so bad, that when she discovered the ring hidden in his bag...she immediately threw wasn't that she didn't want to marry him, it was that, this was a big step....goodbye are gonna join your life with someone else...people it's not the same having a boyfriend as marrying him.

So there you have it folks...karma is a witch...the story of a woman who hated Valentine's...who called it a commercialized monster, and was proposed to on that very day.



As if that wasn't enough Empress got engaged too...on the same day...two women who disliked Valentine's got engaged...

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