speaking of death

Since we are on the subject of people arranging for my life to be terminated...I stole this little sucker from Gnightgirl:

Writing my own obituary:

Month, Day, 2094

Today, at the age of 115, Mary Poppins, aka Shoegirl, aka E., has left this world to go be with the Lord. She parted silently in her country house in Puerto Rico while dusting off her massive shoe collection, which she also took with her to heaven. She was best known for receiving zillions of calls from Families of Autistic children in need. She also preached about the Lord to her infamous stalker who tried to end her life in 2008. This grammy award winning evangelist, musician and shoe lover extraordinaire dedicated her life to making the world nicer, greener and fashionable. She leaves behind her daughter Miss C who is a veterinarian, her son the artist, and a Pet Cat named Motts. She was a mother, wife, caregiver, best friend to Empress and very fashionable lady.

There will be no funeral and no flowers. There will be a block party in her old neighborhood and only loud hip hop and house music will be permitted. She will greatly appreciated any donations made to the Alianza de Autismo de Puerto Rico for Autism Research.


(if you wanna get a tombsone go to Tombstone Generator.)

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