Class of 2008

My daughter is not having a kindergarten graduation. She is having a "Day of Achievement" ceremony.

Might as well have a prom with all the mess they talked about at today's reunion.

All year long to plan this event and we had our first meeting TODAY.

Let me just add, I've never been a school mom.

You know the type...the type that hang around school ALL day, bring (bribe) the teachers with junk, avon books, cookies...small talk. The kind that think they rule the school and not the principals.

I'm a good mom. I cooperate, I talk to the teachers, but I'm not a leach.

Well this morning I was in a room of leaches.

"We should do this....we should do that...No no no...we should all meet outside after this meeting for another meeting".


The teacher, God Bless her heart, said "There will be no meetings outside of this classroom concerning this event".


They wanted a sea theme. The mother's suggested the children get dressed up as sea critters or sailors...

People, I don't have time to go running around for a costume and spent extra money aside from the quota established. Some parents, like me, proposed a nice t shirt, with the theme printed on it...easy to buy, inexpensive.

The quota was established at $60.00 and most leaches thought that was too little.

Are you planning to hire a band???

The parents are going to donate the food, the tables, the chairs, it's gonna be at a park...

There are almost 50 kids...!!!

That's enough to cover for the activity.

Don't get me wrong...I'm not a cheapskate, but I don't think our children want, need, all the frills of a fancy event...they wanna eat snacks and play at the park...

who are we trying to impress????

Oh, did I mention you have to come up with more than half in the next two weeks, plus there is a field trip in two weeks as well...

As soon as the meeting was over I slipped out the door...squirming at the fact that we all have to meet again...::shiver::

The school mommy gene, sure ain't in me.

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