Dial "M" for Murder, Part Deux

I had told Vader last night about my stalker.
She was a little more enthusiastic about blessing me and reminding me to keep all my doors locked and not open up for any strangers. She started naming along with me, possible suspects in the case, until I told her I wanted to hit the hay.

Nancy Drew...ahem...Vader, called in early.

"So, did he call again??"


"Well I have an idea".

::cocks eyebrow::

You don't understand Vader's Ideas...

"lay it on me..."

"Well I was figuring you could talk to the guy when he calls. Tell him that the Lord put you in this path and that you want to bless him and his family. Tell him the Lord loves him and that Christ wants to help him in any way...."

Silence on my behalf.

"Don't you think that's a good idea?"

"Yeah...I'll send him a fruit basket while I'm at it".

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