I didn't wanna talk about it.
I sure as hell didn't wanna write about it.

But here it goes:

We got eliminated in Round 1.

The Yankees have gotten eliminated again.

WTF is wrong with these people..??!!

A 200 Million Dollar Ball club that can't make it past the first round of the playoffs..??!!

A ball club that ended its season spectacularly!!!!

I'll tell ya what's wrong...

To begin...Alex Rodríguez. A 252 million dollar player. With an average of .098.

For those of you who don't know averages.

This particular one, sucks.

Second thing wrong: Joe Torre.

To see him suck sunflower seeds in the dugout with his poker face and see him not actually give a enough to make me wanna clobber him with a bat.

Third item:
We have no Bullpen.

Randy Johnson,our latest acquistion, is old. His time is up. Mussina...puh-lease!!
Detroit's bullpen, especially Ken Rogers, killed us...

Fourth Item:
And I take this from an article I read in the local paper, where the writer is an avid fan like me and is ashamed he has to defend such a sick team. The article was titled:

"The Damn Yankees".

He says, they are overconfident and that this factor doesn't give them hunger and desire to win.

I agree.

On saturday as I saw them lose, I couldn't help but sing and prance around in my living room.

Everyone called to ask if I was okay.
When True came over he asked if I was okay.
Everyone knew I wouldn't be..

I. love. baseball.
In a sick. way.
In a i-wanna-buy-the-yankess-bed-set-for-my-room way.
It's been my refuge, since I can remember.

True was surprised I was dancing and singing and cooking and prancing about.

He asked:

"Are you in Denial?"

You can call it that.

So I will try not to lose my cool everytime I think that in 2006 we screwed up, again.

Who's my pick now..?
Cause you know I'm still watchin' the playoffs..all the way to the World Series...

The Mets.

Hey...I gotta heart New York...
Even if it ain' the pinstripe ones...

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