The one where you fly.

Girl Power.


That's it.

Girl Power for me.

Empowerment in General for me.

This is the one where I fly.

I fly the coop.

This is the one where, I learn that I can be in charge.

And responsable.

This is the one where I comprehend I am an adult.

True is still sick.

So I decided to pay him a surprise 'get well evening visit'.

Vader and I aren't speaking.

So after I got home, took a quick and Miss C got in my Death Van and headed out.

No questions, no butts, no ifs, no explanations.

I got in my car and left.

And as I pulled out of my driveway and saw Miss C in her seat I felt so empowered, so independent, so free, so grown up.

It was amazing.

I smiled all the way to True's house.

And it felt mighty good.

I was no longer 12.

I was 27.

As for the rest of things...
Well, as I said True is sick.
He has Dengue.
Dengue is caused by a mosquito bite and attacks your imune system, giving you fever and body aches, etc. etc.

He is ordered to strict bed rest.

So if you are should really be in bed...



I'm doing good. Amazing enough. I've been relaxing and chilling and it's been good.
I've controlled my temper and played nice..

well...almost...if you don't count the time my mom gave me dirty look and I gave her the finger when she turned around.

Idle hands I tell ya'..

Idle hands..

What's up with you guys?

Thought of the day:
Ignorance isn't's just's just sad.

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