The Fight is On.

Remmember that nice speeding ticket I got a few weeks back?

Well today...I took it heads on..

I'm going to court on the 30th...of november..

The Lieutenant thought he was funny..talking bout:

" were speeding...flying low..huh?"

"At 60mph? in a 50mph zone? I don't call that speeding".

"But you were speeding".

"Yes..but not in a 30 mph zone like the ticket's a 50 mph zone".

"Ok...just bring pictures".


See ya' in court suckers!!

I'm not paying that ticket in full blast mode...


It seems like lately insecurities have been creeping up..unleashing my inner backtalker-you-talkin-to-me?-fine-i-don't-give-a-crap-attitude...

I realize I have an attitude problem..

But people need to chill a bit...
I'm working on this..
But I can't be a saint all the time..

Every day..
It's hard work.


My securities are brought out by certain events and situations.

I'm a worrier folks.
This you all know.
I'm a paranoid freak.
No newsflash here.

But anywhoot..
I'm off..

My boss' flight leaves in an hour and she's still sitting in her kitchen with her green mud mask on wondering what to pack..

If she doesn't get on this plane today....

*insert loud ass yell right*

I need peace and quiet today....

Not to mention a corn muffin...


Thought of the day:
If someone is annoying you in can always smile...although flipping the finger proves to be very good too...

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