How it's supposed to be..

This weekend...beyond us losing miserably....we, as in True and Moi, managed to sneak off to the new Fine Arts Cinema in the next town.

I have always been a fan of indie / foreign films. Alas, this is not a genre liked by many. We had this little itty bitty Fine Arts Cinema with only 3 screening rooms and it was kind of in bad shape. Then they opened this really cute one in San Juan, only to have it close a few months later.

But now.
But now.

They just opened this 6 screen, 3 story cinema in Hato Rey, Fine Arts Café.


When I saw the ad in the paper....
I almost cried with joy.

"I have got to go there" I said.

Well this weekend I did.

It's this huge huge building...brand spanking new, with ample parking.
On the second floor you buy the tickets and go up to the third floor to watch the flick.

The third floor has a restaurant/cafe type setting. Lots of little tables, very cute, very chick...

But our amazement was the food variety.

We aren't talkin' bout' nachos and popcorn.

I'm talking bout': sushi, croissants, turkey sandwiches, cookies, pastries, wine, beer....and for True's delightment,


I was in movie theater bliss.

So we ordered our snacks, they placed them on a tray and we proceeded to go inside the movie theater.

But inside was even more amazing.

Stadium seating seats.

Big fluffy leather-easy-boy-type reclinable seats.

The middle arm, could be lifted and the seats can be joined to make 'love seats'.

It has a wide side arm to place your tray and lots of cup holders.

Me and True's take:

This is what a movie theater should be like.

We were originally gonna see the Illusionist, but got there a tad late and decided to see Little Miss Sunshine.

So I'll make the parentesis here and tell you folks to go see this movie, about a disfunctional family's quest to get their daughter to participate in a kiddie beauty pageant.

Refreshing, touching and poignant.

We enjoyed our snacks and the movie and have already set our minds to at least going once a month.

Or at least I've set my mind on it.

Foreign and Indie flicks so deserve to get the exposure that commercial flicks do. I just hope the public will learn to respect, cherish and take care of this new theater so that we can have it around for quite some time.

So, have you seen any good flicks lately?

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