Friday's Four almost turned into Saturday's Six..this week has been hell.

Hell and then some.

If I get one more call informing me that Miss C has a fever I'll ...I'll...

I still haven't figured that part yet.

Alas, Miss C's diagnosis:

A virus.

Doctor's here are the shit..

They are just guessing it's a virus, with no scientifc evidence behind the statement.

Oh well.

So in honor of my busy week..I will present to you my "hightlights"...
Friday's Four Hightlights of the Week edition...

1. Scramble twice in the week to pick up Miss C due to "mystery fever". Scramble as in lose almost 2 days of in haul ass in my van across towns...burning gasoline....skipping lunch...only to have a Miss C jumping, squealing and laughing of joy once we arrived at the doctor's office....

I swear...I wanted to wack her in the bathroom so at least she'd look sick...

2. Flying Chicken. Tuesday. Lunch with Empress. Didn't have my camera. Dammit. Someone cut her off in traffic, she lowered her window...I thought she was gonna curse them out..


Instead..she flung a piece of POPCORN chicken at the car...accompanied by some very cute 5 and 4 letter words...

3. Thursday...Holiday. Drive to pick up some merchandise for our Autism Group Family Day. Try to control Miss C who is as anti-social as it gets and try to avoid her smacking or hurting the little girl who was at the house and wanted to play with her.

"Why won't she play with me?" the adorable girl asked..

Miss C in the background: Don't touch meeeeeeee!!!!

"'s not you sweety...It's her...definitely her..."

4. I washed Grasshopper aka Death Van yesterday..only to see in the news that we are expecting a Tropical Depression that is gonna bring a whole shit load of rain.

Why is it..that everytime I wash my godforsaken rains????
Murphy definitely needs some valium.

My weekend is kind of hazy still...with the 'rain' due...
I have nothing concrete planned..although obviously I'll do something with True.

So...cross your fingers that I won't have to buy a kayak or something...


Tell me about your week hightlights...

Thought of the weekend: sick...but I am sick - er

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