Hey peeps....and not the lil' yellow birds ya' eat...

Still here...trying to get over a bullshitz cold I have and horrible body aches...and arguing with my boss that even though the rest of the population at the office is hot and sweatin' like pigs...

I am freakin' freezin' my ass off.

Yesterday I went to the Art Expo....It was awesome...except for the part where Miss C had a severe tantrum because she wanted the bartender to take out the fishies in the tank and place them in her purse...the tantrum that lasted...oh let's say....a good 90 mintues...

I carry my medals of honor...two bite marks that have my writting hand craving for Morphine...

Other than that, seeing our friends and their works of art was wonderful....it was a nice evening...ya' know except for the Exorcist Part on behalf of Miss C.

Did I take pics?


Where are they?

In my cam...

My cam is in my possesion but my USB cable is not.
You peeps are gonna have to wait...


Never say never...
Or as they say here in Puerto Rico:

"Never say you shall not drink from that water".

So ...So...True...

So in honor of that..I will fess up to 4 things I've said never to and went and did them anywhoot...

Because I am a massochist and I like to eat my words.


1. "I don't do shrimp. I don't do Shrimp at all".
Last summer, Empress and I took an all-inclusive weekend vacation to a nice Guesthouse..with dinner included..Dinner from a 5 star restaurant...

Ya' know these folks weren't having Tater Totters and Grilled Cheese on their Menu.

Empress ordered shrimp...and the choice was either shrimp or lamb.

How on earth was I gonna eat Lil' Bo Peep's Possee??

I took the shrimp.

Never looked back...I am offically a Shrimp-a-holic..

2. "Been to church...was active in church...ain't going back even if God text messages me and send me emails everysingle Godforsaken day of the rest of my life".

Been going to church for a month. Still getting reaccquainted...but I'm praying...reading books on Hip Hop and God...(yeah..they have books on that subject) and really feeling at peace with all my family revolt...


I don't believe in coincidences.

3."Ewww...leggins? back in style? why? I will never wear leggins...ever..."

All things 80 must remain in that decade. And Never come back....EVER...Poofy sleeves, leggins, flats, skinny jeans..eww eww eww..

Last night I paired my long top with some black leggings and peeptoe shoes...

The general consensus:

"OMG...you look like Sarah Jessica Parker!!"

My humble reaction:

"Ahem...Really? Ya think so??? Gee..I wasn't going for that look
at all"..::wink wink::

4. After my divorce, and folks this is where the Big Caca comes in...I vowed to never EVER fall in love again. Guy pals? sure!! Dates? why not!! but fall in love and have a man meet my kid and come into my house and privacy of MY HOME...

No...Freakin' waaaaaaaaay!! Not a chance Mister.

Today October 27th..I am guilty as charged. I am in love. Way over my head. Like a silly school kid, obssesed with calling and leaving ridiculously incriminating 'myspace' comments...putting my pride away and looking like a complete chump. That was never my style. I am a hard rock. Nothing cutesy and charming and lovey dovey...that is complete weakness. I vomited in the sight of mushy couples. I'd tell em' to get a room...because I just had lunch. I'd read profiles where couples sent messages of love back and forth all day....enough to make you wanna pull your brain out your nose with a hanger.


And now I'm in that trap.
Hi. I'm Mary and I am in love.

Sue me.

It feels good to have my ego bashed and my stereotypical ideas shot to shit.

Good reality check.

Don't ya think?

What are your guys Never Ever's?

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