I'm alive

Hey People!!

Yep..I'm alive...

Yeah Yeah Yeah..I still owe you pics..

I'm workin' on it...

But I'm suffering from ADD..and I keep forgettin' the USB cable for the cam...

And I've got some wicked pics of my black and blue bruises that Miss C aka Jaws gave me....

I'll try to post tommorrow..
If I don't forget the darn cable.

My weekend?
Sick thank u.
Sick. Me. sick. Jaws. sick. Everyone sick.

Miss C took a trip to the ER on Sunday...hence me skipping church in the morning..
She has an ear and throat infection.
Real nice.

Meanwhile I'm coughin' like if I had tuberculousis...body aching and feverish.
Being sick has also caused my remaining functioning brain parts to completely go on strike..

I've had about 3 "HOME ALONE" episodes in the past two days...


Yeah. the type were you're driving and about 10 minutes into your drive you don't remember if you actually put Jaws in the car..You look in the rearview mirror and don't see Jaws and panic kicks in..

"Jawwss???? U there??"

::Jaws pokes head out from back seat...::

"yeah mommy?"

::sigh of relief::

"OK..carry on".

3 times...in two days.

In other 'exciting news'...

I've been visiting my mom this past weekend.

Compulsively lying to Vietnam telling him I've been going to church. Vietnam can't know that I'm visiting. He'll have my head on a platter for that.

And my head on a platter ain't my idea of fun.

So...Sunday evening...still in my haziness, I decided to drop Miss C off at Vader's (this is the only benefit now, Vader is very willing to babysit) and decide to go to a special service in the evening with True.

I am glad I did.

It was off the hook.

The theme was taking our lives into another dimension and using our skills to grow a thousand times more!!!

I heard that. I promise to elaborate later. I'm kinda of on a short leash right now.

After the service was over everyone came to say hi and ask how I was feeling and it was nice...
For the first time, I felt I wasn't an outsider. I felt like I belonged there.

On our way home, True and I talked about how at peace we feel with each other and how great things are going...to the extent that neither can believe our relationship is so good. I guess for the first time, in a long time, I'm in a relationship where we want the same things....we wanna be adults.

Shocking, huh? No drama.

Yesterday...I skipped work. Still feeling like crap and Jaws' fever had not lowered...so we stayed home and played vegetable all day. Just lying in bed. Around two I decided to go see Vader, drop Miss C off and see if I could go get Vader a phone...she can't be at that place with no phone. So I volunteered to make a sacrifice to get her a celly.

So after getting ripped off and nearly be stabbed at the wallet with the phone company I got her the phone.

No thanx. No "aww shucks" No nada.

Instead she went on some weird trip talking crap about the church I'm going to, etc. etc. etc...

Some things, my dears, will never change.

After a while, she insisted I move my van out of the drive way.

You see she is living on a main road that Vietnam passes by. If he should pass and see my Van...my totally unrecognizable Van, the Van with the HUGE:

"WTF?" sticker..

Her cover will be blown.

So I move the van....because she was paranoid..and after I move the van to a dark spot she's like:

"Oh my...now the neighbors are going to think we are lovers.....Oh Lord!!"

Oh Lord is right.

Someone get this lady some Percosec....ASAP

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