Holiday Crocks..

My mom had the bright idea of getting Miss C this for X-mas...

So after going to a zillion stores...avoiding the one with the Huge Giraffe Logo..I had to make my way to the latter..

So I buy the pooch..take it to my office..get batteries on the way...

Try to take it out of the *&^%$#@ Navy-military-enhanced-pentagon-post911-secured box...

Finally get through all the wires, tapes, clips...ties...

Get the pup out..
And I find's just plush..

it doesn't even stand on it's four legs..

It just lays there...

All right..don't panic...put in the batteries..

Another 10 more minutes trying to unscrew the battery lid...tucked tightly in the pup's belly, with barely space for fingers to place batteries..and I squeal in delight as I press its paws..

Miss C is gonna be barks, wags it tails and licks...with saliva and least that's what we saw in the commercials.

So I sit there...I press the paw again..


Uhem...I press paw AGAIN


Ok. Let me read the instructions...

Oh..Ok..fill it up with water..for saliva...cuddle him come alive!!

Ok..will do..


::presses paw::


10 seconds later..

"ruff ruff"

press paw again..

5 seconds later..

"ruff ruff"

press paw again..
::wags tail very slowly::


::licks with no saliva::

then manages to drip one drop of saliva...

Drive to Toys R' Us: $5.00
Amazing Pets Puppy: $34.99 plus tax

Put dog back in box, that you almost dismantled in attempt to get it out in the first place, while dropping words not suitable for children under 12...

Go back to store to get her The Shimmering Lights Little Mermaid..


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