as in Marriage...

Seems like everyone is on this never-ending quest to get hitched...
While I was on a quest to never get hitched, again.

My marriage, without going into details, wasn't all bad. We had our great times, we learned, we decided it was over. Period.

I quickly realized Marriage life wasn't for me.

I wasn't going to share my world, house, space and daughter with any other man.

I believe my exact words upon exciting the courthouse were:

"Empress, if I ever tell you I'm getting married again, kill me. And if you ever wanna get married, look at my example!"

It seems like ever since I'm dating True, everyone wants to know when we are going to get married.

I remmember once, not even a month into our relationship someone asked if we were going to get married in the next 6 months...

WTF? Is there some kind of time limit?

Yeah sure, we are ahead of the game. I mean we've known each other for like 6 years now...so it's not like we don't really know each other...

But what is all the rush?

We get constantly bombarded with the questions on marriage and if we plan to have any more kids...

Sure. We've talked about it. Lightly. We've joked about the 8 kids True wants and I'm willing to go adopt.

But neither of us are in any rush.

I mean, it's a shocker I can even pronounce the word with him.

But as far as we see it, we spend like most of our time together, we do lots of couple stuff...we have a kid...Miss C is considered a joint venture. So right now marriage is on the backburner. Sure...it would be nice, but for now we are very happy and content each in our own space.

But...recently the questions of marriage has intensified....More and more people wanna know...and some people think we are already married.

I'd like to clarify that right now...my ring finger is free.

The subject has been brought up and this time my reaction has been a taaaad different.

Last night as we said our goodbye's...he asked me if I would marry him....very casually...like we usually do...

But this time...the meaning in that question..the emphasis was different...it made my heart *pang, like it skipped a lil'...(shoot me for the reference of a skipping heart)

This afternoon as we were chatting up a storm on messenger we talked about that and I blurted out how I wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life with him...

Right then, right there I literally thought I was gonna toss my fries. This excruciating nausea surfaced from the pit of my stomach and lodged itself in my throat...I felt dizzy, dazzed, confused.

Who was this insane madwoman and what had she done with Mary P.???

I need answers pronto.

We both were taken back with what I said and that's when it hit us....that we reaaaally wanna get married.

Most likely not this year....not anytime too soon...but my nausea and dizzyness confirmed me that this is all very very real.

I think I just threw up a lil' in my mouth.


PS. Stalker friend...I luv u..I really do...but why do u call me 35 times...in a row..If I don't pick up...hint hint..

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