My Space and Karma....

I couldn't leave this year without telling you folks about two wonderful events that have happened in the past 24 hours...

Two things that Empress has pointed out are very worth sharing...

1. The world of Myspace....

The world of Myspace has saved our lives this past year. I for one can tell about the marvels of Myspace beforehand and I can give my testimony that I re-found many old friends vía Myspace....including True.

But alas, not all in Myspace land is good. Some of you don't have a clue of how many weird 'friend' requests I get....but man oh should take a look at the ones Empress gets...

here's an example of one she got today...

"Hi how are name is blah age is blah blah...I'm not your typical guy who will hit on you..blah blah...I'd like to meet an intelligente woman..and you seem like that type...if you think I deserve a chance, I understand we can have an intelligente conversation...please give me a chance and if you wouldn't want to, please let me know, in a kind way of course...blah's my email..blah blah...Have a nice day..and I hope we can talk.."

Doesn't seem to bad huh??

Until you see his body building pic and his display name:

Flesh Ripper

On another note...

2. Karma is a bad thing....especially if it's Karma brung on upon the Big Guy Upstairs...

Yesterday I called Vader on my way home and her voice was a tad more Vadery than normal.

"Are you allright?"

"NO..not really..the refrigerator broke..the other one"

(the first one broke down last week)

"Yeah...and I told God to bring on all the bad stuff he had for me before the year was out...."


"And right after I said that I slipped and fell....then when I sat down to regain my composure...the stereo that's installed on the wall above me fell on my head".

::trying not to laugh::

"Oh my".

"Then I told God that I didn't mean what I said before and that to please save some of this bad stuff for next distribute it evenly."

I was gonna ask her what happened to the hanging on to Jesus' robe. But I guess that wasn't too appropiate.

don't ya think?

Folks have a safe and happy New Year...may this New Year bring lots of love, blessings and nothing but good ol' times!!

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