The Year in Review

This Friday I'm doing this a lil' different..I'm presenting to you my Year in Review to recap what has been going on in Mary P's life...Enjoy!!

I stole this off of In Pursuit of Happily Ever After...

It's a year in review..You take the first few sentences of the first post of each month...

Some of my first posts of the months sucked so I picked a more interesting one...

A whole year has passed and this is what I have to show for it..

January: This is..what I believe to be the first of many uncomprehended posts on my behalf..forgive me if my grammar is not always intact...(I don't really care if u forgive me or not..but I just wanted to sound polite from the get go..)

Introducing Mary P.

I don't know if I have mentioned in my profile or anywhere about that Miss C (aka my daughter) was diagnosed with Autism ( at the age of 2 (that story makes for a great post...I just have to sit down and take the time to write it).

Introducing Miss C

March: WARNING...!! THIS ENTRY IS KINDA OF least to me it is all true...unless I am really insane...and these things did indeed happen to me...

On my paranormal stuff...

Hey wassup!!I am back..tired, burnt from the sun..but back!!

Back from vacation...

I took Miss C to see Monster's Inc on Ice, courtesy of The Empress, yesterday afternoon (Once again, thanx babes!!..u see The empress is Miss C's fairy Godmother..a very cool one indeed)...anyway..we get in, we are seated, right in the front part of the stage on the second floor, and Miss C is kinda of like edgy. Which as u all know, worries the sh*t out of me.

It seems like lately I am a target of someone's affection...I'm not gonna give u any more publicity..well..maybe I will ...later..but u know who u are..

U know who U are...!

July: Howdy people..?? Ain't I chipper this morning?? You may wonder....Hmmm...yep..she is chipper..why is she so chipper..??

Well there can only be two reasons I am this chipper...

1. World peace has finally arrived.

2. The Yankess kicked some serious ass last night.

Of course, it's the second one. World peace sounds tempting...but it just ain't happening.

My infamous Baseball Obsession

August: get them sit-ups' riding...get your tummy tucked in...Seems like my mother has joined the 'get thin' bandwagon. Now let me set the record straight. My mom isn't fat. She just has a big ass. When I mean big ass, I mean BIG BOOT-AY!

No explanation needed.

Thank you all for your kind words in my previous post. I wouldn't know how to exactly explain what I am feeling (Shocker, huh?), but I'm just kinda of drifting along thoughts and memories and ideas and just can't grasp any long enough to feel sane. ::sigh::

Tough times..

October: Our night was long...very long....and things began on a sour note..but then...then things turned out swell and we got our groove on...So enjoy the slideshow and enjoy the audio...The visuals in the videos are pretty bad...but the following are the audio's of when we got pulled over by the cops on our way to hangout...

And I beat that ticket..

"ALL I WANT IS PAINT....I am the mother of a toddler who is going to attack us any second now...ALL I WANT IS A GALLON OF WHITE PAINT FOR A FREAKIN' WALL!!!!"

Taken from the Color Palette Post...

December: Today...the only day that things have been quite slow..I spent it, licking stamps and writting out the Office X-mas cards...about fifty somethin' cards to be exact...

I may have developed Arthritis in the process..

Ah the Holidays.. I have grown..

So many many posts...

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