Ya' reading this?!!

Good..I'm literally crouched behind my desk...

typing as fast as my lil' hands can..

where have I been?

Well, ya see...I have a job...and sometimes...I don't do much...
There are times like these last few weeks, that I work for all those days that I don't..

We are in the middle of two LARGE business transactions that are being handed back and forth from the bank to us...

I could care less if I ever see another number...
And if this business deal goes through..I better have like a lifetime suite available at the fancy new Hotel my boss is diggin' up..

So I have not had much time to think...

Today...the only day that things have been quite slow..I spent it, licking stamps and writting out the Office X-mas cards...about fifty somethin' cards to be exact...

I may have developed Arthritis in the process..


On funny daily notes here is a recap:

I still owe you guys: Gobble Gobble Part Deux.....well to sum it all up...I ended up having last minute guests over for 'turkey' aka 'lasanga'...and we chilled at my place...while women cooked, men oozed over computers and Miss C screamed at boys who cut her doll's hair off with scissors...Just your typical Thanxgiving Feast..sans the family and turkey..

I had my court date yesterday..for that wonderful speeding ticket I got a while back...cops fails to show...but calls the judge to let her know he wants to be I'm re-scheduled for the 14th...

Vader and Vietnam still in the same circumstance...I haven't seen Vader in a while...I'm keeping my distance...her bad vibes are very soul sucking..

Vietnman asked me if I would be his date for his company party...
Let's ponder this for sec..will we?
His a fancy hotel...fancy party..with live band..musical food...a drunk Vietnman asking me out to dance...or better yet...asking his friends to ask me out to dance...old men with sweaty hands talking in my face with shrimp and beer breath..

I'll pass...

True and I are good...been both very busy with our respective jobs and lives...but we've managed to go out on a few lunch dates....Me and Empress no longer have our lunch sessions since she has moved out of my neighborhood...booo

speaking of Empress...haven't seen her in a while...probably will see her tomorrow..
The big fight: Cotto vs. Morales is gonna be televised in my house...I'm having a lil' get-to-gether....friends, food and'll be good..

::makes mental note to buy shotgun to keep people off the brandspanking clean and new X-mas decor::

::also prays no one tips over the tree::

I need to send you guys pics of my new decor and my's small but oh so cute..

Speaking of X-mas, already did my more stores for me...
I still have a few gifts to buy...but thanx God for connections..I know this lady from my church who makes wicked women's jewelry, so I'll be buying the rest from her..for my daughter's teachers and such..

What do I want for X-mas?

well I was saving up for an IPOD...but ended up going to the Gap instead...and buying my new cam..

So my IPOD is gonna have to wait..unless I get a really good juicy bonus..which I should use to pay off my credit cards..

We'll see..

For now I'll settle with World Peace...

Ok..that's stretching it a bit..
I'll settle for a nice X-mas day with my loved ones...and the big smile on Miss C's face when she sees the huge piano I got her..

I got her a piano like the one in the movie BIG...the one you play with your comes with a songbook and's about 4 feet long..totally cute..

I know I am gonna regret this present like 20 minutes later..but it sure beats getting her another pony...

She is also getting some movies, plenty of books (which she really loves...a nerd just like momma) and the Elephun game..the one where the Elephant blows butterflies out of his trunk....she goes bannanas everytime she sees the commercial...

So she'll have a blast...I'm sure of it, on the other hand mommy will need some serious shots of Johnny Walker and Advil..

come to think of it, that would be a good present...

speaking of gifts...I also managed to get a new celly...I don't understand it fully and the Bluetooth jigamabob is driving me up a wall..

I'm country Ya'll, I don't understand new techi stuff like that...

You should see me:

::phone rings::

I reach for my bluetooth...


*beep beep beep*

::connected to headset::

*beep beep beep*

::connected to phone::

Crap...I don't understand how many times I have to press the button to get the thing working?!!

Like my mom says: El jibaro es una cosa mala...
"Country folk are a bad thing"

The other days I looked at my phone and it said:


Running to where??
Now even my phone runs??!!

I guess I should take a cue and be off as well...I still got stamps to lick...

What have u guys been up to?
I'll be visiting blogs pronto...

What's ur weekend look like?

Thought of the day: Sticking stamps are so much fun...better than those fancy stick on's.

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