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sometimes I wonder when I'll catch a second to take a break. Like the Holidays have been a whirlwind of events...I feel like a socialite..

No...not Paris, wonky eye, Hilton.

But for the first time in a loooong time, my agenda is fully booked this month..I mean completely.

Last saturday: Miguel Cotto fight..I took some cool pics...but I left my cam at home..
Sunday: Church, then me and True hit the movies...we tried to go see Babel for the second straight weekend with no luck...we were late...ended up seeing the Illusionist instead....Great movie..and Edward Norton is....hmm...shall I say scrumptious...

Yeah...yummy indeed...

and Paul just wanna sucker punch his corrupt ass everytime the camera shows him..

Monday's I have my work sessions with True...we take monday's to work on the projects we have for January...some Hip Hop Conferences that we are having...

Tuesday's I have some church classes I go to..

This weekend...I have a get-to-gether at Empress' crib and a kiddie b-day party..

yeah, the kiddy parties are back...

Sunday I have church....the 16th True is having his X-mas party...the 22nd the church is having's just mad work..

And the fact that the rest of my house is still not prepared for X-mas...and that I may not have time to put my new bedsheets and fresh curtains up in my room are driving me up a freakin' wall..

For the first time in my life, I'm carrying an agenda and a Palm Pilot..

Oh lord..I feel like a freakin' stepford wife...did I type that right?

I guess it's good I'm really busy, but sometimes I just go off on automatic pilot and my brain gets no rest..

Even when I'm sleeping..

For instance...
A few months ago I had some nightmares involving two plane crashes here in Puerto Rico. The other nights I woke up and I felt like this really bad-hair-on-it's-end type of vibe in the room...I was I start praying like a mad woman and all of a sudden I hear planes...lots of planes!! flying over my house...

I kept praying until the noises faded away. I've been hearing noises and seeing things these past few weeks...I don't know why this is all coming back...but believe me I don't need to be hearing the JFK landing strip when I'm trying to sleep...

I think I might need some drugs.

any suggestions?

Miss C is for the first time, enjoying what she calls "Holidays"...if she sees anything related to X-mas and you ask her what it is...she'll respond very: you-stupid-ass-esque: "Holidays".

The attitude is priceless.
The other days I burped and she told me: "Mother, you do not do that, that is piggish!!"

I'm praying she won't pull that one with a stranger who happens to burp...

Said stranger won't find that amusing..

I'm off to make bows for office X-mas tree...that is like the main priority today..nevermind the money that's bleeding from our account or the fact that our business deal might bust...

Right now....Bows are a life and death situation..

After all, it's the HOLIDAYS..

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