"Yumm...Yuuumm...." a friend of mine...a sort of famous friend of my office..

I look out to see what the 'yumming' is about..

A cute guy in the office lobby...

I smile and give my 'go for it tiger ' look..

Cute guy leaves...

Friends walks in..and sulks..

"Boo...he isn't gay!!"


In totally un-related news...Empress and I had cameras...only giggles and thinking how when we get old we are going to have boyfriends who wear dentures and move their jaws old' folks do...


And in totally totally unrelated news...I have a slideshow that has nothing to do with this post...but it has to do with the people I'll be chillin' with this weekend..


And ain't profetic...

As in..NO we don't plan to have a van-load of kids...they just like hanging out in MY Van..

Have a great weekend..
If you're going out drinking..
Remmember Mary P.
I'll be busy getting high on Sprite...and Bake Remix Ice Cream at Stone Cold ...

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