Old Ass Tag..

I was tagged ages ago by Momo...

Seems like when the tag was made..I was in la la land..

Now ain't that a shocker...

So...the tag consisted of 5 weird things about you...

5 more weird things...because I've mentioned some weird ass things about me before...So here goes...5 weird things...although I ask myself what actually constitutes as 'weird'??

1. If I am in my bed...I need to have socks. If by any chance a sock should fall off of my foot in bed...I panic...I literally scramble under the sheets to look for the sock...don't ask...I have no idea..

2. I have a phobia of plastic cups, plates, dinnerware etc. I do not like drinking or eating in plastic stuff. I usually use the same glass cup to drink at home...and if it is not available I have a similiar one stowed away. If I go to a house where their dinnerware is plastic..for whatever reason it may be, I survive..but I get kind of anxious.

3. I have to take a shower with hot-skin-burning water. If the water does not literally pierce my skin...even if it's 110 degress outsides...I freak the hell out.

4. I collect Barbies. I don't have many. But the few I have are very very valuable to me. Empress contribuited to my collection this year by getting me a Versace Barbie...

5. I don't eat many foods...like for example Beans...I don't eat any type of Beans. But I cook them. The foods that I make that I do not eat I never taste them during the cooking process. How do I know that they are seasoned correctly?? and that they're done..??

By the smell.

I have a very keen sense of smell.

And now it's ur turn!
I tag u all!!

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