"What kind of fast is that?..what kind of church are you going to?" Vader

"..it's a fast...and it's the church of God". Moi

"Well, I'm gonna need proof of this fast...I think you're in some kind of cult.."


"A cult which takes you away from your family. You're sure this isn't a cult?"

"Yeah mom..next week we're sacrificing a goat in the yard"
::rolls eyes::

It's good to know some people are twisted than me..


I was going through the brochure they gave me when my father was going to be committed. It had a list of things we should and should not bring..

You should bring makeup.

If you're going mad..I don't think makeup is gonna help.

Patients are NOT allowed to bring weapons, guns or knives. Visitors aren't either.

Well, Gee...that totally shoots down my idea to give my dad a sawed-off shotgun..

Briliant list..Brilliant.


"Well you know what...I want you to have another baby" Out of the mouth of a 7 year old..

"Really...?? Well kid, when you turn 18, then I'll make sure your opinion counts. Until then, be happy with my too-many-corn-muffin-belly-full-of....."

Yeah..you get the picture..

More kids? Yeah...like I'm that suicidal..

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