Mary P. The Tour...

Am I a busy bee...Yes..

Yesterday I made three..yes, three visits...Stalker friend...Vader's and True's...

It's Mary P. The World Tour..

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The day went a lil' like this...

(the night before)

" coming over tomorrow right?" friend...aka...stalker friend..

"Yes...I'll head out around 2pm". Moi..

Yesterday 8am..

*ring ring*

"Who the (*&^%$#@ is calling at this hour..on my effin' day off?? better be an emergency..."

Caller ID: Stalker friend..

I don't pick up.

She calls 5 more a row..
Leaving 5 voice mails and 5 text messages...

Which I ignore...

Vader then makes her grand entrance and calls two times..


Around 11am I stumble out of Vader..and she's like: Why are you sleeping in sooo late??


"Well..I'm making dinner tonight..come over with Miss C".


I call stalker friend..

"You coming over??"
"Did I tell you last night I was?" Moi
"What time?"
"I told you around two".

I hang up...

At 1:30 pm my phone rings...stalker friend..
I don't pick up..
1:45pm..ring ring..again...

I pick up..

"Whattt???" me, obviously annoyed..
"Where are ya' at?"
"At my House!"
"Why? aren't ya coming over?"

::I proceed to bang my head on the door:: Literally..(I've been banging my head on surfaces lately to channel my anger....I maybe Autistic too)

"Yes..." I hiss..."what time did I tell you I was heading out?"
"What time is it?"
"....(pause) 1:45"
"Is it two?"
"Ok. then...if you keep calling I can't get ready....and if you keep calling more, I'll stay at home".

Stalker friend chuckles...she does not believe my wrath.

Don't get me wrong..she is a good gal..and I love her fam...but I can't deal with sticky friends like makes me nervous...

So...I end up staying there like two hours, when Vietnam calls....

No buses today.

I had never been so happy in my life to get a call from Vietnam...
I hauled ass to pick him up and continue my tour...

After the long day...and a couple of other mishaps...I went to bed..

Guess who called me this morning at 9am...and left one voice message and one text message...

Stalker friend..

"Hey, Miss C left some toys over here...we have to coordinate to get them back to her...The next get-to-gether is at your spot!!"

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