Weed for the Chickens...

"Hey..Miss C...place some more grass in the box...hurry before it gets dark!!"

Mommy motioning to Miss C and showing her how to fill up that box for Three King's Day..

Miss C, not really giving a crap...plucks out two sorry-ass looking blades of grass and places them in the box...she is clearly distracted by the neighbor's dog..

"Miss C..remmember what momma taught ya'...that this box is for..."

She pauses..and looks...

"...tree king day".

"Bravo..!! and we put this box of grass under the bed so who can eat it?"

She looks...with a 'i-cannot-believe-u-are-asking-me-this-obvious-question' face..

"...For the chickens of course!!!"

Sure. For the chickens...I'm sure the Three King's would also like some pain killers for the hell-of-a-night they are gonna have riding those things...

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