::rips paper towel holder off wall, breaking it in the act.....empties trash can full of coffee remains all over the kitchen floor, bangs a couple of doors, opens a beer...swallows half down...spills the rest over head...and wails like a madman::

"Are you done breaking things??"

"Breaking? I haven't broken anything!"

trying to put back the paper towel thing-a-ma-bob that's broken..

"It's broken."

"No it's not..see??"

Paper towel thing comes off

"Well it was already broken to begin with".

"Ok...then are you done drinking? Don't you have a stomach ache?"

"Who? Me? I haven't been drinking.."

"" I'm just imagining things....that's just what I needed...hallucinations...just control your temper and act like an adult for once"

"Who? Me? What temper???".


Sometimes I wonder who's the parent...

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