The Service

"I'm really worried about my mom" Moi

"Why? because of the flying rice??!!" Empress


"Well...really what worries me is that she will actually kill herself..and I'll be stuck paying for all the services..."

"Damn..that's a lot of money you know.."

"Well, then I'll just have her cremated...and bury her with the cat in the yard...she loved the cat more than all of us combined"

"Oh...You are so going to hell...I mean like, VIP the do understand that when she is cremated you have to watch the, you actually have to watch them cremate her"

::cocks eyebrows::

" that case...can you loan me your IPOD?"

I can't take this stuff too seriously, you know?


I don't think there will be a Friday's Four this week....
I'm kind of suffering from Writer's Block..or Blogger's Block..any suggestions welcome...

I'm kind of out of sync today so forgive my briefness...

Thought of the day:

Never compromise your identity.

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