Bite me.

This is what dreams are made of a good ol' Yankees Victory.

That's how we need to play more often. That is the pitcher we need. Seems like the 5 game suspension on Big Unit paid off. He even got a season high strike out, with 9, and didn't walk anyone...impressive...I'm guessing he was impressed also, since he's been sucking so badly lately...

Let's not count my eggs before they hatch...we have yet to kick ass today.

I know I know, this may seem like nonsense to non-sports fanatics...bare with me, ya'll.


In other exciting non-sleeping news this is what we found in lurking about in my mom's kitchen last night:

It was hmm... let's say about 15 inches long..give or take an inch...with very very pointy ends guaranteed to sting you very very hard...

All I heard was my mom scream: "OH MY GOD...GET MISS C OUT OF HERE!!"

Cuz if you don't know..Miss C is not afraid of anything (except roaches, but that's a whole 'nother post), so when my mom saw this gigantic centipede from hell, she immediately thought that Miss C was gonna see it and go straight for it...u know to pet it and keep it as a wonderful pet.

My mom quickly grabbed one of my platforms and beat it to death. Almost. It kept squirming and my dad grabbed his machete and finished it off. Nothing like good ol' fashioned violence and action at house for a change.

After that my mom prayed and grabbed onto Christ's robe to thank him for allowing that thing to be seen in time and not allowing it to sting Miss C, cuz she is very very allergic to insect bites.

She grabbed onto Christ's robe and my ass couldn't sleep just thinking about that creepy crawler...

One Sonata later I was in la la land.


Day 1 of Takara Patches for me....

I removed them today to see that they were very very gooey and full of brown gunk...I mean I know I was fucked up...but to see that crap come out of my body overnight...Eeewww...

I'll keep ya posted..


We now have a Watchtower in front of my house. Seems like my neighbor had her daughter move in, AGAIN, to the top house. Now they sit all day and night on the balcony to watch over the empire. Hey, look, I don't mind if your fat asses wanna sit on the balcony all day and not do shit...but fuck, now I can't leave my windows open and parade in my underwear and second you can't go outside without being a target for conversation...

"Well hello there neighbor, I see you got your van fixed".

"Umm..yeah.." ::smile politely:: me

"Hell ain't it hot these days?"

"yep.." ::raise eyebrows:: me

And they keep on talkin' to ya..morning. noon. night. They just wanna keep up converstation.

They are also equipped with X-Ray vision.

Sunday evening when X dropped of Miss C at 8pm they noticed X had left a movie on the car hood:

"Hey neighbor, you left something on the car hood".


So, hence the name: Watchtower..
My mom and I are fuming...cuz now both of our anti-social asses have to play nice.
Let's see who cracks first.


And to continue with my wonderful thoughts of the day, Here's today's thought:

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