Friday's Four: Rambling Edition

Before I post I found this curious "To-do" list on my dad's dresser..I don't have a scanner so I will just write out his list:

1. Paint fingernails
2. Cut Toe Nails
3. Take out my Movado Watch
4. Clean my bracelet
5. Shave (which was already scratched out)
6. Make sandwiches

Do I have to reaaaaaallly explain these??? Or should I leave you to roll on the floor histerically on your own time frame...


My bro bought his new 'hooker' friend home yesterday. I, thankfully was not around. My dad however came upstairs to share his opinion:

"You know your brother's new girlfriend is downstairs..."
"Yeah, he has some balls, now what is gonna do with all that furniture he bought for his canceled wedding??"
"Um yeah dad, that furniture is really the main focus huh?..."
"You know, your mom didn't let her inside the house, he told your bro he had to leave her outside on the porch like a wet dog".
"You serious?"

Way to go Mom!! No hookers allowed in the champagne room!!


Friday's Four Rambling Edition

Seems like when it rains it pours, four things that right now as I type are driving me up a fucking wall:

1. My home pc broke down. It's dead. I was gonna call Dell today for it's service warranty but I wrote down the Service Tag numbers on my cell phone....

2. ...which I happened to leave at home today...of all days...

3. I have to go to a birthday party on sounds trivial..but a birthday party, a children's b-day party....Spare me...

4. My mother's constant yesterday Miss C was in the pool and I just like stepped away from it for an instant and my mother's bionic ear heard my feet shuffle and yelled:

"You are not planning to leave her in that pool alone are you??"

"Sure...I mean leaving a 4 year old Autistic child unsupervised in a pool doesn't sound too life threatening".

What are you rambling about this weekend??


The thought of the day/weekend:
"Lean to know when enough is enough"
Flaming squirrels are usually a dead giveaway

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