Say it with me: S-T-R-E-S-S!!

Game postponed due to Rain...tsk tsk..Mr. Schilling will have to wait his turn...



Ok.back to our regular post.

I don't usually rant about my troubles as a single-mom of a special needs child...cuz I don't like to dwell on the fact that sometimes life is incredibly difficult and that sometimes I think I might actually die of a heart attack.

I need to learn how to take things easy. But I can't.

Miss C started summer school. She has no transport till next week, but as I had mentioned, "X" is picking her up. "X"s car broke down. He can't pick her up tomorrow. Which means she'll miss a day. A day I do not want her to miss. She needs the structure, the class, the program. Crap. I was thinking about asking for the day off. But I don't know if my Boss will agree to that, since yesterday, "X" dropped Miss C off at my office and she drove all of us nuts.

I'm trying to type up a contract and Miss C is chasing my dog's Chihuahua all over the house. And my boss is Hyperventilating. She is allergic to children. Highly allergic. She once gave my daughter a paper bag to play with.

She is SO allergic that after letting her play with the dog, the bird, (which she wanted to give to Miss if I don't have enough shit to look after), giving her a Mountain Dew...My boss told me to go home early.


" dear 'little' friend (she likes to use words in diminutive form), um...(nervous fidgeting)..since the 'child'..(doesn't call children in a first name basis) is over, and I'm kind of wound up..why don't we call it a day?".

My answer: "Sure".


At 4pm we packed up our shit and were on the way home.

Who says kids don't come in handy??


Well now I have this dilema of to take her or not to school...Not to mention that on Tuesdays and Thursdays she has back-to-back therapies..and by the time she actually makes it to school, the day is over. (She gets out at 11:30pm). So now I'm actually backing off the psychological therapies, and only have her go to her occupational therapist. All these therapies are driving me up a fucking wall.

Why drop the psychological therapies? Cuz first of all, they are doing the same thing they do at OT. Second: One on occasion I got to therapy and the therapist never showed. And Today, after I tell my boss I'm gonna be in late, the therapist shows up 15 mintues late and goes in with a parent...40 mintues later, Miss C is banging her head on the door, (she is like a lil' clock..and gets desperate when she doesn't get called in)..I'm supposed to be on my way to work and this bitch is still inside, she doesn't even come out to tell me and the other parents, anything...So what do we all do? We leave.

Shit, we have to work to bring home the money to pay the bills, what the fuck do u think I do all soap operas??

Now the "X" just called that he has picked up Miss C but is very afraid the car he is in will leave him at any second...cuz it's broken a major Oil Retention artifact..Now I'm in stress just thinking he will be stranded with's happened before and believe me it ain't a pretty pic.


Word of the Day: STRESS...
Say it with me...

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