A Yankee's Victory, one long ass phone call (which ended at 1am), a French project, head lice, clean sheets and 1000 dollars later ...I'm still miraculously alive...

I'm kinda of missing a chunk of my brain..but I'm still alive...


Yankees won over Philly.

Talked to a friend about all sorts of weird stuff last night.

Helped my ex-sister in law with her french menu project. It looked kick-ass.

Miss C has head lice...AGAIN...like TWICE in this past month, I don't wanna elaborate or I'll go competely Mad..again...the shampoo got in her eyes...all hell broke lose and I think she is still infested...whoopee...

1000 is what it has cost me to get my Parkinson ridden van fixed.
Mechanic's exact words: You're lucky you haven't been in an accident or hurt yourself, How were you even driving this car?.

How comforting to know I was riding in the Death Van. See, even Mini-Vans can be dangerous.

But I am stil here. I am starving, with no car and hopefully if my boss finds the keys to her Mercedes, that is the vehicle I will be driving till my van gets fixed. Ain't that a pitty.


Miami Heat won the NBA Championship last night. "A" must be recovering from his nervous breakdown.

His call last night went something like this:

"wacha doing?" him

"I'm on the internet" moi

"Internet?? Quick Quick!! NBA.com"


"I need to know when the game starts and on what channel...I can't find it on any channel...".

Me logging onto NBA.com...

"I can't find the schedule". moi

"R U sure?? Left hand corner...it should be there".

"OK. Tonight 9pm. ABC"

"RU sure? I didn't see anything on".

"UM..well I'm not Bob Costas, but that's what it says". ( I didn't actually say I was Bob Costas..LOL...just thought it was funny).


3 hours and One text message later: Hugs N Kisses.

And u thought I had it bad with baseball..


To complete my totally random and uncoherent post:

Your Personality Is Like Acid

A bit wacky, you're very difficult to predict.
One moment you're in your own little happy universe...
And the next, you're on a bad trip to your own personal hell!

and I will Quote our fellow Blogger Carolyn:


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