Poetic Justice.

Elves and Fairies

Every day with the rythm of the sun or rain...
My life it moves...

How to think of elephants with wings, elves and fairies,
When I am chained to my thoughts.
My complaints become tiresome to those who said:
You and me till the end of the world.



The 'u' and 'me' evaporated.
The end of the world approached.
I do not know.
Letters, Words, Thoughts, nurish my way and all of my senses.
They all recieve the same sound:

And now I am caught,
Cuz there is no recipe to end this bad state.
What else is there left to do,
If everything ends, so it can begin.
And only in fairy tales u can have the 'happily ever after'.

The End?

The Anchor

I am chained to an impossible.
Memories that once kept me afloat,
are my anchor in the deep, vast sea.

The sea I have created with my longing for you.

I am chained to an impossible.
Thoughts that lit my way,
are the demons that haunt my soul.

The soul, that is barely alive, waiting for you.

I am chained to an impossible.
For I know you will not come.
And I know I will still wait.
Because your love has filled me up with air.
Not fully digested but down inside.
Still waiting for the moment to come back out and leave my body.
As quickly as it went it.

I am chained to an impossible,
who has taken me out to the sea, with my demons
Even though it knows I cannot swim.

And it watches me from the shore,
As my memories weigh me down.
And I drown in the thoughts that will haunt me,
and search for me, like a light house,
in the deep vast sea.

I will be chained to an impossible.
That impossible is me.

Both by: Me.

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