Things ain't what they seem...

Thanx to all for the Congrats...but on a very sad note...I got a call today from aformentioned friend "AD", she has decided not to have her baby.

I totally respect that and I think she has lots of cojones and is very mature to make such a difficult decision. I honestly think it is the best for her and her hubby.

I'm there for ya "AD"!!

I can always be an aunt for your dog, Shorty!!


Ok..see why I don't like to count my eggs before they hatch...

We lost last night. ::sigh::

Ain't I shocked...

Today's game I will not be able to see cuz it's in the afternoon..will keep ya posted...

On other sad baseball news...The two top contenders in their divisions met last night, Mets vs. Boston. But The Mets lost...Boston has made their 10th straight win with last nights'. Yeah Aimée...your team rocks...Happy??

Friday night: Subway series, New York Mets vs. New York Yankees

"A" and I have had a falling out. I won't get into too many details. But word to the wise, the internet can be a very very bad tool. I'm not saying things won't get better, but for now I need to clear my head.


"Empress" has so nicely wondered why I have not posted about our 'ghetto song' of ths weekend. Let's rewind:

Empress left a message on Saturday I believe, asking me who sang a particular song.
I left a message back letting her know who I thought sang it.
She called back asking me to sing the song for her.
I happily declined.
She called me boring and hung up on me.
She text messaged me asking me to sing the song, AGAIN.

So what is a friend to do???

I called her and sang her the freakin' song...

"Solo ten mi numero telefonico, para cuando te sientas sola..."
A guy asking a gal to have his number so she can call him when she feels lonely.

It's not as romantic as it seems...
We laughed our asses off....


I have lil' thing called 'site meter'. It's at the bottom of my page. I am very aware that people stop by and read. I am very very flattered. U think I don't check out the visits to my page???

Puhleeze!! Of course I do.


On other self-exciting news..I am officially an Elvis Impersonator this week. Seems like I can't manage to get a haircut this week. The stars have aligned and have agreed to let me look like Elvis this week...or a slightly younger version of my MOM.


Don't u dare say anything Empress!!

Thought of the day:

Always try to see the snakes in the grass...

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